Standees (Fullsize Celebrity & Personalised Cutouts)

standees - full size celebrity and personalised cutouts

Get your own celebrity over for Christmas! Celebrity and personalised Masks and Stand-Ups are available NOW from Crouch End Media

Celebrity Standees & Masks

Simply choose your own celebrity or send us a picture of your chosen friend or family member and we will print and despatch a Mask or Stand-Up to you to be delivered within three days! Add a touch of Celebrity Sparkle to your celebrations. Why not have Brad Pitt round to share your mince pies? Fancy Morgan Freeman taking charge of the rules for board games?


Personalised Standees & Masks

Your personalised Standee is a full-size image blown up and printed on a cardboard standing background strong enough to take part in Party Games. And if somebody in your family is a million miles away this Christmas, you can still share the day with them as a personalised mask or full-size standing figure. They might not be able to help with the washing up, but at least they can be with you!

High Quality, full-size, personal and delivered in three days, our Masks and Standees are the perfect way to have a celebrity or loved one over for the holidays, without having to put them up in a five-star hotel or find parking for their limo. We have a vast range of celebrities to choose from, as well as offering the same quality of product featuring Auntie Ann, cousin Fred or your gap-year child who doesn't want to come back from Bali. Who can blame them? But at least they will be with you on the day!

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