Social media

Crouch End Media know that by having a credible and solid social media extension to your business is crucial. You can not only use it as a client relationship tool - answering queries and keeping in touch with your clients but also as a strong business development tool - engaging with good potential buyers based on their responses and good keyword searching.

Copywriting is important not only to the infrastructure and management of social media but also to the quality and tone of the content. If social media engagement is sloppy, it can be detrimental to the brand. Content and engagement needs to be credible, warm, open and interesting.

The aim

To set up, proactively manage and maintain social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Long term aim - to build consumer base and act as an engagement platform for existing and prospective customers.


Objective - To set up from scratch a Twitter following based on target audience, Twitter keyword searching, interacting users and existing customers. To build and maintain twitter presence. Responding to enquiries via twitter and proactively marketing to potential customers. Eg. Anyone mentioning relevant keywords or phrases can be approached

Daily tweets can reflect your news as well as any other news related to the industry.

Twitter users engage best with companies / brands when there is a noticeable human element to the Twitter account as opposed to an automated feed with no life behind it. Maintaining the human element is key to the upkeep of the account.

Regular use of Twitter Search used as a way of seeking out people who mention keywords and using tools like Refollow, users can be proactively engaged.


A Facebook page is a public profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users. When your fans interact with your Facebook page, stories linking to your page can go to their friends via News feed. As these friends interact with your page, News feed keeps driving word-of-mouth to a wider circle of friends.

The aim of Facebook posting is to grow your audience, invite them to become fans and engage with them and use Facebook page metrics to measure engagement.

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