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Content Strategist

With a background in the corporate and agency world, Adam is our in-house writer, content manager and metrics analyst. As head of content for Crouch End Media, Adam is focussed on the customer journey and how people integrate with digital media.Having worked in both private banking and Special Needs education, it is fair to say that Adam’s experience is broad, and the adventures he has had across the world lend themselves perfectly to understanding, refining and developing messaging for a wide variety of businesses. Seeing things from a different perspective is key to engaging and developing customer loyalty and relationships, and Adam’s approach is based upon understanding the business offer and translating that into the language that customers can understand and relate to.

Adam has also travelled, living in France and Switzerland, Germany and San Francisco. He speaks several languages badly and French & German pretty well. Adam prefers to stay on terra firma, having played professional rugby in France and jumping out of an aircraft only once. That was enough. Adam loves to write and travel, finding inspiration in different cultures and their approaches, and bringing these home in his bags to use for Crouch End Media. With an absolute passion for language, Adam collects words wherever he goes. His most recent acquisitions are ‘Okini’, ‘Uberpunktlich’ and ‘senescence’, and he has a whole stable of words to choose from, as and when required.

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