Senior Developer

David is one of those people who just ‘gets it’ when it comes to the technicalities of digital communication. If something is broken, he will mend it. If something needs building, he will build it. Efficient, swift and almost always listening to rock music, David is our server network engineer and developer who can, and always does, come up with the answer we couldn’t find. David’s knowledge of server technology and coding is second to none, and whether it’s an email issue, a hosting conundrum or a seemingly dire scenario, there is always a way through.

A LINUX and PHP expert, web applications support, app developer and programmer, David lives in the virtual world, anchored only to the real world via music! Part developer (PHP, Shell scripts, Python, SQL etc) and part systems administrator (Linux, ansible, MySQL, Postfix, Debian, lxc, CentOS … etc), David’s primary focus is around PHP based web applications with specialist focus on: Linux, PHP, Bash, Varnish, Apache, and systems administration.

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Crouch End Media Ltd.
51 Rosebery Gardens
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London N8 8SH

T: 0844 884 5042
M: 077 9873 0509
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