Technical Director & Project Manager

Paul created Crouch End Media 13 years ago to meet the growing demands of a digital-hungry business environment. With many years experience in top-level digital project management and a deep interest in the web and how it works, Paul is the go-to technical guy. With more answers than there are problems, Paul is rarely stumped for a solution to any business related digital issue. With experience in large companies and smaller projects for niche markets, Paul is all about the user journey, UI & UX.

Paul has lived in South East Asia, the Middle East and Australia, where he mixed digital work with jumping out of airplanes and swimming to the bottom of the sea, although not at the same time. An adventurer, explorer and a vital part of the CEM organisation, Paul is never happier than when discussing the finer points of a digital strategy and implementing new ideas to solve seemingly intractable problems. Energetic, intuitive and expressive, Paul is the heartbeat of the company and leads the team from the front and by example.

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Crouch End Media Ltd.
51 Rosebery Gardens
Crouch End
London N8 8SH

T: 0844 884 5042
M: 077 9873 0509
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