The Web and How We Can Help You

Crouch End Media is a digital media company that sells services to improve your business's understanding and management of web opportunities. With our experience and understanding of the many different platforms available, we can help define and refine which avenues will suit your business best and how to use them to gain maximum value for your company.

At Crouch End Media we take a collaborative approach to identifying your needs and matching them with the best platforms, apps and processes. The purpose of this is to both attract more customers, and to make dealing with them swifter, simpler and easier. This is where our experience comes in. We sit down and talk with you, listen to you, suggest ideas to you, and come away with an understanding of what your goals are. You will come away with an understanding of what we can do for you in order to make better use of the incredible opportunities the web offers, to drive your business, to expand your business, or to make your business work smoother.

We offer a range of services, some of which you may well already have, some of which you may have heard of but didn't know how they could help, and some of which may be a total mystery to you. We can put all these into a framework that makes sense to your business goals, your budget and your time-table. Browse through the short paragraphs below to get an understanding of what we offer, and if you have any questions, get in touch via our contact page - we're happy to help explain.

Crouch End Media is made up of two principals - one of us is super-techy and knows all the digital highways and back roads; the other one of us focuses on what the customer is looking for and how they're looking for it. Together, we offer a smart way of identifying the best way to put your company and your customers together. It's as simple as that for our clients: we offer the best of both worlds for you. Our back-office staff are made up of coders, designers, writers and systems architects who know what they're doing - especially when we tell them.

Here are the services we offer in brief. Have a look and feel free to get in touch to arrange a more in-depth meeting to discuss some ideas, or drop us a line asking a question. We don't hide behind phones and screens - we sit down with you and talk about what it is you want. Here are our services:


Not much explanation needed here. If you need a website designed or are tendering for a re-design, we would love to help.


Hosting a website can be a tricky little devil that takes up time and money. We do this for you on advanced servers that have total fail-safes and are run efficiently with you never having to worry or lift up a phone to check something out. We take care of it for you and keep it all running.


Make your website more visible to your target prospects and regular customers. Make it easier for searchers to find you with focused keyword, on page and off page optimisation of your site. It's eminently possible, and we know how to go about it.


Adopt and adapt social media channels that your customers use to build and develop relationships between you and them. Ask us how it all hangs together with your messaging.


So, your business is at the point where it wants to try selling online. We can help set up the best e-Commerce system for you based on volume, cost and ease of use.


If you think that your website just isn't working as well as promised, let us take an in-depth look for you. Not just at thepictures, either - we delve deep into code, links, purpose, ethos, style, content and more. Our appraisals often turn up things you didn't even know to look for, and our report is full, balanced and rounded (as well as easy to understand).


If you're planning changes to a business identity or silo, if you want to A/B test an idea from your staff, or if you just need somebody quick to update the site when you don't have the time, then we can do this.


Taking an idea from your business and spreading it throughout the world doesn't take nearly as much time or money as you might think. Talk with us about your idea, where it needs to go, and we will develop and launch it for you.


Keep in touch with your customers and develop more with email marketing. Building and caring for the relationship you have with your customers.


Adverts placed in niche markets, broad swathes of humanity contacted, local groups joined, SEO, social media and email marketing ramped up to promote yoru business.


Your ideas are what makes you a business. Our copywriters can turn your ideas into powerful and comprehensive statements of intent, allowing your customers to get an informed feel for what you offer, who you are and the difference you make. Content is the language and pictures you use to tell your story, and our writers can put this together into an easy, flowing narrative that explains, informs and excites your prospects.


WordPress and other Content Management Systems are ideal for businesses, allowing simple updating and uploading of new content. We are pretty much experts in this field. A lot of people say that, and some of them are right. Just not as right as we are.


For the times when your system is down and the person in charge is out of contact, let us help. We can help you from anywhere so that your site is back on its feet in no time.


We can do all of the above, or we can help you learn how to do it. Let us know what you need to be in control of and what you can allow to be managed by us, and we will train you in the best ways of using your systems and developing your knowledge.

What Crouch End Media offers is a way of using the best digital channels together to promote your business message. We can assess and suggest the best recipe for success for you. It's a tasty offer.

Discounts are available for all local businesses

Get in touch and we will pop round and visit your office or place of work at a suitable time to demo our services or show you some print samples.