Website design

Crouch End Media design & develop high quality, professional websites for a diverse range of clients. For a simple and effective brochure style website, a self managed (CMS) solution, or an online shop (e-commerce), you can rely on Crouch End Media to produce an attractive, distinctive design with clear site navigation, engaging interactivity, speed, compatibility and targeted content.

Built for purpose. Our designers take their inspiration from initial client suggestions or keep to a tight brief to meet exact requirements. We have the right combination of technical and creative expertise to ensure your company establishes a powerful and professional presence on the internet right from the start.

No Ideas? No problem

Every day we put our heart and soul into designing complete web solutions that are interesting and user-friendly. We’re brimming with new ideas, thinking inside the box, outside the box and about the box itself. Combining site design with our SEO, social media and print services will ensure your business truly benefits from internet commercial opportunities.

The Crouch End Media team have an in-depth understanding of the internet, the user journey, accessibility and responsive design. We pride ourselves in providing harmony in form and function. Our team has the technical and web publishing know-how along with the communications and management experience to ensure the success of any new digital marketing project.


For a project to be successful, a proven methodology is vital. We structure our approach to ensure completion of necessary tasks and flexibility to fit different clients’ needs and situations. Our team has the attributes of collaboration and innovation which are essential in todays fast-moving online environment.

Our phased approach gives you visibility, input and control across the full lifecycle of the project while we incorporate deliverables and quality checkpoints that keep you, our client, involved from commencement to completion. This allows us to plan with your business and your customers in mind, creating strong, flexible solutions for a new business age.

Discounts are available for all local businesses

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