Ethical statement

At Crouch End Media we like to share the love for our clients and partners. We don't judge. We feel that it doesn't matter who or what people are, as long as they're kind and we can help you, we are happy to help.

We have two ethical concerns - The planet and the people on it. We will ensure to our best ability that we treat all comers equally and with respect. We hope that you treat us in a similar fashion. We want the planet earth to be around in a beautiful state for a lot longer than we could ever judge ourselves to be beautiful, so we use sustainable resources wherever we can. Paper, printing, electricity, products, travel, even our hosting services - all come under this remit.

We love to learn of other ethical procedures and rules that we can benefit from, and pass these benefits on to our clients, so please feel free to send us your ideas and tricks to help people and planets become just a bit happier. And if you spot any words or images we use that you feel uncomfortable about, please let us know.

We are set up to develop, to build and to respect our clients, our staff, our friends and our planet. We like it here, and we don't want it to be anything other than perfect - like the work we do for you. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day, it's a wonderful world. Smile and breathe. It'll be ok.