Google Analytics

Conversion Analysis with Google Analytics

Big data; small datum

It's not everybody's favourite part of marketing, but since metrics became key to understanding conversion rate optimisation, Google Analytics has been the fore-runner to provide insights into the volumes and segments of traffic to websites. Your traffic.

Data give an idea both of absolute numbers and trends over time - seeing how the changes to strategies and website design can make a difference to your visitors and conversions. As well as highlighting traffic sources and providing key data for visitor engagement on the site, Analytics offers a host of information about customer behaviour and the success (or otherwise) of marketing strategies.

Crouch End Media set up and provide reporting on Google Analytics for analysis of what is working and what is not, providing insights into the data that cannot always be seen if you don't know where to look.

Valuable information on visitors, traffic flow and conversions for your business allows you to change direction or direct more resources to successful sectors. Learn more about our Analytics Service - drop us a line to talk about what metrics and analysis can do for your digital presence and conversion rates.

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