Hiring a mature coder

Posted on January 29, 2017 Under News

As website developers, we are always on the lookout for smart ideas, fresh talent and new blood to write and code for us. Recently we have noticed that the kids are alright, but not that good yet. Being a good coder is one thing, but having the experience and knowledge to follow a schematic and take some initiative is often learnt later in life. That’s why we are advocating the hiring of mature coders.

Having grown up with C++ and other object-orientated programming languages, a mature coder has picked up HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript as a matter of course, building on what they know and not just using tools and WIZIWIG editors like Dreamweaver and CODA. Mature coders know more because they’ve been around a lot longer than the pups. Old dogs know the old tricks, and are willing to learn the new ones if they haven’t picked them up already.

They’ve read the books, grown up with the technology, adapted their lives to it rather than it just being there. Older coders are more inquisitive and know more about life. They don’t turn up at 10.30 nursing a hangover and humming a tune that nobody knows. Some of them whistle.

More dedicated, more reliable, more experienced, not dressed quite so fashionably, less facial hair, the older coder makes their mark by doing the job efficiently and to spec. They are easier to talk to and develop ideas with, they get on with the job and they have a lifetime of experience ready to be dropped onto a project. They add a rounded view to the overall picture, another point of focus to take into account for us as business owners and developers. They usually buy their own round, rather than expecting a Friday beer fridge to be laid on for them. They rarely roller-blade. That works for us.

At Crouch End Media, we reduce the costs of digital development and raise the quality of our work any way we can. Using mature coders, with the experience, flexibility and knowledge they have has paid dividends for us and our clients. The code is great, the attitude is tremendous and their knowledge is based upon the real world, not just their Facebook feed.

Of course our team encompasses all ages but there is a lot to be said for experiece. Talk to Crouch End Media about the way forward for your business. Digital, media and print specialists targeting excellence.