The free Wix SEO guide

Posted on April 20, 2018 Under News

crouch end media the free wix seo guide

When we first saw Wix, we thought it was simply another WYSIWYG website builder that would imminently fail due the fact that most users would end up in a mess and that it would be hard to optimise for SEO.

How wrong we were.  It seems to be going from strength to strength with some lovely minimalist, clean and modern responsive templates – There are now a lot of very cool and slick Wix websites out there. Including some rather big names such as Thread (built with Wix) who are one of our very own clients.

Further any issues with SEO also seems a thing of the past and Wix are providing a huge amount of technical help for their clients too. This useful resource actually makes informative reading for any newcomer to both onsite and offsite SEO:

To be honest Wix is pretty much on par with SquareSpace I’d say … I never thought I would tho 🙂