Sharing our knowledge is the reason we started Crouch End Media

Training by the book

The Crouch End Media training service gives us an opportunity to share the knowledge we have gathered over many years in tech and content development. We are enthusiastic about the potential of business and digital, to a degree where it is part and parcel of our lives. We want to share this passion and our knowledge.

We want to help you to help yourselves, so we provide training at all levels and to all personnel, from basic Wordpress updating to onsite Search Engine Optimisation, including writing content. We can even advise and train your staff to succesfully use software packages such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustator to maximise your resources.

We can't share it all at once, so we train our clients bit by bit, nudging in the right direction, appreciating your demands and the learning curve. We can either visit your premises and train groups or deliver one-to-one training remotely via Skype.

Whatever we know, we want to share. Whatever you need to know, ask us and we will help you out where we can. For individuals or larger groups, for specific user training or a more general approach to your digital marketing, we would like to offer you the best of our experience.

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